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NEW: Lesson Offerings for 2020

What is the best way to study a stringed instrument?

It is important to learn correct technique right up front when you begin learning a stringed instrument. It makes sense to have a second set of eyes from a professional teacher as you learn your first few pieces and progress through the repertoire. I suggest having an in person or online instructor take a look at your technical, rhythmical and intonation skills.

Students tend to progress faster as beginners within the guidance of a private instructor either in person or via online lessons. A solution we have found is to take private lessons at regular intervals while learning the basic techniques. Older students can take on more of a leading role as they understand more of the basics and techniques of the instrument.

We are opening up lesson spots on a monthly one-on-one basis AND maintenance assignments and private study throughout the month as an option for older students to study on a semi-private basis and offering monthly checkups online with weekly maintenance assignments to keep students progressing.

The most important things about private lessons is that they keep students accountable and practicing and progressing on a regular basis.

Two other things that are essential 1. listening to great music to keep us inspired and loving music and 2. playing music for others or with others even if it is playing along with a backup track and sharing your performance with your friends or family.



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